Asche Yamamoto

1960年代生まれ。札幌在住。1998年にフランスの陶芸家ジョルジュ・ジューヴの作品に出会い、2010年に陶芸を始める。2011年には自身初となる展示会「1/f YURAGI」を札幌で開催。ろくろ成形による非対称な形の、白と黒2種類の半磁器作品によりデビュー。以来独創的な作品の制作を続けている。第62回記念モダンアート展入選。

Ashe Yamamoto was born in the 1960’s and lives in Sapporo. He was inspired by the work of French potter, Georges Jouve, and became determined to take up pottery from 2010. His first solo exhibition which took place was called “1/f YURAGI” and he works with a theme of semi-porcelain with a ‘thrown’, asymmetric shape and two main colours of black and white. Since then, he has continued to create original works. Asche received a prize in the 62nd Anniversary Modern Art Exhibition.