Hiroyuki Tamino

民野宏之。1956年北海道生まれ。1983年から油彩を始め、同年に初個展を開催。日常のなにげないワンシーンを描いた静かな気配漂う作品で注目を集める。 1992年から、林真理子、三浦綾子、東野圭吾など数々の本の装丁画を手掛けている。2009年には資生堂カレンダーに採用。現在、札幌のアトリエを拠点に日本全国で展示会を開催するなど幅広い活動を行っている。

Hiroyuki Tamino was born in Hokkaido prefecture in 1956. He began oil painting, and held his first solo exhibition in 1983. Since then the attraction of his work sprung because of his silent scenes concept from daily life. From 1992, his works was used mostly as book covers of authors such as Mariko Hayashi, Ayako Miura and Keigo Higashino. Furthermore, in 2009 his work was used in the Shiseido calendar. Currently, he holds solo exhibitions in Japan from his home in Sapporo.