Toshiya Kobayashi


Toshiya Kobayashi. Born in Hokkaido in 1959. After he has started his creative art works from 1983, he has been holding his exhibitions around the world until now. He has lived in Santa Monica (USA) from 1988 to 1992, then he lived in Hamburg (Germany) on a year-long scholarship from the Agency for Cultural Affairs from 2005 to 2006, then he was invited to Lucerne (Switzerland) by ORYX Foundation in 2012. Now he is an active artist based mainly in Tokyo, Germany and Switzerland.
He was elected from Hamburg Agency for Cultural Affairs and he placed the permanent installation works of 2.4m length, 14m breadth inside the Hamburg Animal Park station in 2007. The art projects with architect at Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital in 2011, at the Palace Hotel Tokyo in 2012, and the art work project at Sapporo Tenshi hospital have gotten people’s attention in the architectural industry in domestic and overseas.
He has been using plant motifs, paint works with unique curve lines and beautiful colors is his creating styles. Also the installations using his pictures of flowering plants took and archived as his life work, are his masterpieces.

小林俊哉,生于1959年北海道,1983年开始他的创作事业开始,至今已在世界各地举行了不同的展览。他于1988年至1992年居住于美国加州圣莫尼卡,在2005年至2006年得到年度文化厅奖学金而居于德国汉堡,之后在2012年被ORYX 基金邀请到瑞士卢森市居住。现在他是一个活跃于东京﹑德国及瑞士的艺术家。