Mitsuko Miyakawa “MY NAME IS CHAPA”

戦後まもなく札幌で生まれ育ち、現在はアーティストとして国内外で活動する宮川未都子(CHAPA)による、故郷の札幌では初となる個展「MY NAME IS CHAPA」を、クラークギャラリー+SHIFTにて、5月3日から31日まで開催します。本展は「芸術を志した最初期/ニューヨーク留学時代/帰国後/これから」の4テーマでギャラリーの壁4面を構成。平和を願い、作家と鑑賞者の「過去と現在と未来」「日本と世界と自分」を見つめます。



住所:札幌市中央区南3条東2丁目6 MUSEUM 2階

ワークショップ&アートパフォーマンス「A WAY of TEA -あるお茶の作法-」

Clark Gallery + SHIFT pleased announce a first solo exhibition “MY NAME IS CHAPA” of Mitsuko Chapa Miyakawa who was born and raised in her hometown Sapporo shortly after the war is currently working as an artist both at home and abroad, from May 3rd to 31st.

In this exhibition, we will show the four walls of the gallery with four subjects “the first period that aimed at art / when she was studying in New York / after returning / in future”. It is an exhibition that wishes peace, looking at “past, present and future”, “Japan and the world and myself” of artists and also viewers.

Mitsuko Miyakawa was interested in arts and culture as a result of her encounter with Russian literature when she was an elementary student. After her stay in Moscow as a student and her work as a Russian interpreter, she started to aspire learning arts. She studied at the Bunka Gakuin from 1998, she also studied art in New York from 2000 for 6 years and then held a solo exhibition in St. Petersburg in 2006. After returning to Japan, she was based in Nagano Prefecture, then produced her works in Finland, France, Germany, Polish, American, and some Japanese cities. In August of this year she will participate in 7 people exhibition “PEACE 2017” in New York.

Mitsuko Miyakawa Exhibition “MY NAME IS CHAPA”
Date: May 3rd – 31st, 2017
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 19:00
Closed on Monday and the 3rd Tuesday
Place: Clark Gallery + SHIFT
Address: 2F MUSEUM, South 3 East 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Tel: +81 (0)11 596 7752