「WHAT」は、ワビサビのメンバー“ワビ”と帽子職人“ハットシマッセ”の2人により、2014年に設立。オリジナルデザインの型から創られるフェルトハットを中心に、和の美しさから発想を得た 「BONSAI」、「CASA」など、いままでにない “新しいベーシック” を提案していきます。


A member of WABISABI, an artist of Clark Gallery + SHIFT has founded a new hat brand “What”. And its “BONSAI” hat was appointed by Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, which was announced in Paris in January 2015.

“What” is founded in 2014 by two members, one is “Wabi” from WABISABI and the other is hat craftsman “Hat-shimasse”. Around the felt hat made from the type of the original design, they will continue to propose a “new basic” never before, such as “BONSAI” and “CASA” inspired by the beauty of the Japanese style -Wa-.

“BONSAI” hat by “WHAT” will be released this fall in Japan, as double name with Yohji Yamamoto.


《WHAT》,由WABISABI的成員《WABI》及帽飾專家《hat shimasse》兩人聯袂於2014年成立。作品主要為造型獨一無二的呢帽,矢志創作出前所未見的“嶄新简朴”,而代表作當數從和風美中獲取靈感的《BONSAI》、《CASA》等等。